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Oh heyyy new layout! I also joined a new RPG because it's run by people that I like and stuff. So, just finished writing that application. Now I'm just sitting here, waiting for some sort of muse to inhabit me. I suck hardcore with graphics lately, but on the brightside I've made about ten skins. *dies*
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I'm thinking of leaving the site. I don't feel like I really belong there anymore, no matter what any one else says. I guess having to live through two years of real estate hell has made me realize just how much of my life has been put on hold and now that I'm at an age where I should've accomplished something I'm realizing that stuff like that is only holding me back further.

I'm debating taking a couple of college courses while I wait to move. I desperately don't want to spend any more money than I have to, but I want to keep my brain moving for when I go back to uni to finish my degree.

I really shouldn't think so much this early in the morning.
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I'm going against what my work likes.

Today our company issued a company-wide letter where each employee must sign it stating that we will not talk about anything regarding our company. Personally, I think this is bullshit. I don't like that I am being forced to keep my mouth shut, especially if situations at my work have pissed me off. It's not as if I'm naming names and being fucking specific about vents that've transpired there. However, seeing as I was basically threatened with my job if I refused to sign the letter, I signed it. Oh well.

On the flipside, RPG drama is fucking crap. People who are no longer on my site are trying to act like they're still there and like they have a say in what me and the other admins do. Lost a good friend through all of this, too. It reassures my belief that 3/4 of this planet's population is retarded.

One of my friend's is in the hospital. He's been sick since last Thursday and finally went to the hospital last night. They admitted him last night, as well, and now we're waiting to hear back on what's wrong. I hope he's okay. :\


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