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We officially have an offer on our house and we're set to move out in thirty days. It still hasn't fit me yet that I'm going to be moving soon. I suppose it's my lack of believing anything until I see it happening. However, it is exciting. I've currently got most of my room packed up, except for my clothes, which obviously I'll need until the middle of July. After Saturday I'll know if the house is locked in and then I get to deal with putting in my notice at work.

I've been waiting for this so long that the happiness and sadness are just making me apathetic.
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After nearly two years, it is just now hitting me that the house I grew up in is up for sale. We recently put it back on the market and have pseudo-listed with an agent (meaning we retain the right to sell it by owner if an offer is made). So far we have gotten lots of interest in the house and each day this week we have had an agent with clients at the house. Two seperate clients are in the process of being approved for a loan and one other client is already approved and wants our house. I am happy that the house might finally sell, but at the same time I am sad that I will be moving away from my childhood home.

If all goes well and I move, I will be away from my online friends/communities for, at most, a month. I am not sure whether or not I can actually handle that as my online life has seemed to become my life. However, maybe the time away from the graphics sites and rpg's will be good. We shall see when the time comes.

I have to wake up early tomorrow morning. An agent is coming by at eleven in the morning. I had so hoped that I would be able to sleep in, but apparently not. Game plan for tomorrow: wake up, clean the bathrooms, dust the living room, vaccum rooms, then internet time to put up challenges/polls. If I am lucky I might even be able to post Carson in eight places so I can advance her.

I am feeling very ambitious.


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